The Series: My Wife Has Cancer! Now what?

Thanks for checking out my string of essays on cancer and being a cancer caregiver. The concept here is simple. I’m writing exactly what I’m feeling and thinking as it happens. In essence, everything here was written within about a week of it occurring to me and/or my wife, Alicia. Then another week to edit and finalize while juggling work, kids, and my wife’s care.

Why? Because I want to capture what’s happening at the moment, without the shading of hindsight or filtering to manage the feelings of others. Simply, if I write that you’re an asshole here, you probably were. However, in a year or two, I’m going to have to own it. It’s a bit scary, but that is the point.

Is this the place to come for advice? Absolutely not. I have zero clue about what I’m doing. We didn’t prepare for cancer. It happened, and we needed to get moving on our new reality. Immediately. So, we figure it out along the way.

What I do hope happens, however, is that more people talk about living and dealing with cancer. I hope that those who feel alone, and we’ve learned that cancer can be a lonely state of being, feel like they’re surrounded by others who know what they are going through.

Since starting this little personal project, I’ve had several people reach out to me to share their cancer/cancer-caregiver stories. Some I consider long-time friends. Friends I may not see too often due to life and distance, but friends you’d drop whatever you’re doing to lend a helping hand. They had cancer for three years. Their spouse had cancer five years ago. Their kid had cancer. It goes on. For many, when they shared their feelings and experiences with me, it was their first time doing so outside of their family circle. That’s humbling but I’d like that to change.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment and/or drop me a line to offer suggestions, share your experiences, vent, or call me an idiot. It’s all fair game.




Husband. Father of a huge blended family (7 kids), co-founder of a political and media consulting firm.

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Dustin DeRollo

Dustin DeRollo

Husband. Father of a huge blended family (7 kids), co-founder of a political and media consulting firm.

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